RE Equity Partners AB is a Sweden based impact investment manager with a strong focus on Technology, infrastructure, and Real estate. Our investment philosophy is to deliver holistic growth by investing in supplementary sectors of the real economy.


Our thesis is based on the notion that real estate, infrastructure and technology share many common drivers – primarily a link direct or indirect towards growth of the economy as a whole. Real estate, infrastructure and technology benefits from major shifts in underlying demand, be that a move to online retail boosting logistics demand or a new technology shifting energy generation composition and use. 


Real Estate, infrastructure, and technology are also diverse sectors, they offer the investor more than just long-term income. These asset classes when combined together can benefit the investors and enable them to experience the rising demand from global investors, as they diversify and seek greater returns, many aiming to match income to future liabilities. Infrastructure remains a market dominated by government policies, backed by private sector capital and this is unlikely to change in future. 







RE Equity Partners AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but has team and partners spread out across major financial hubs globally which gives us the flexibility to move fast on deals within our focus areas. 


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Post Box 372, 116 74

Stockholm, Sweden


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