Our sustainable investment approach aims to create long-term value and enhance social and ecological harmony through all our investments and assets. We take a comprehensive view of sustainability where we ensure that all aspects of the investment we aim to do creates long term value and is aligned with our investors' objectives. In a snap show, our criteria assesses some of the following aspects:


- Financial sustainability where we ensure that the financial structures of the deal are relevant and appropriate;

- Operational sustainability to ensure assets have the right technologies and efficiencies to optimize performance;

- Funding sustainability where we assess whether future cash flows are durable and sustainable in the long run;

- Technological sustainability where we consider the viability and potential obsolescence of the base technology;

- Social sustainability where we ensure that the benefits from the investment are cascaded to all levels of society;

- Environmental sustainability where we ensure that a potential investment has positive impacts to the environment.


According to the United Nations, buildings are responsible for about 40% of global energy use and some 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture and energy production account for an additional 50% of global green house gas emissions. In cities and urban centers, it is estimated that up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions are attributable to the energy used by buildings. There is growing evidence that sustainable investment in real estate and renewable technologies and infrastructure generates superior investment returns. They also reduce operating costs as a result of energy savings and other reductions in resource consumption.


At RE Equity Partners, we recognize that we are responsible for the impact our investments have on the environment and local communities. That is why we are strongly committed to sustainable investing, including careful consideration of environmental and socio-economic risks as well as the opportunities associated with owning and managing assets. This sustainable approach generates strong returns that are closely aligned with our investors’ investment objectives. We have noted from recent trends that  investors are increasingly sensitive to social and environmental impacts — not just financial returns. And a growing number of today’s investors are looking for investment managers that take a much more comprehensive view of sustainability in their investment selection and aim to create sustainable value and impact.



Europe, emerging markets, globaly



15-20% IRR + strong social and environmental impact


Small to mid size projects at any stage


Fully-integrated platform with a professional team.


Mainly real assets; real estate, infrastructure and technology


Investment period of 1-2 years, and mgt period of 2-3 years.


Typical project size between 2-25 meur.


Up to 80% on a project to project basis, using a blended finance approach

Financial structuring and raising of matching finance

Sourcing and origination of new deals

Analysis of new projects and selection of projects to proceed on

Comprehensive due Diligence

Expedite exit plan and remove as much financial risk as possible

Conditions precedent and disbursement of the investment

Exit from the investment and publication of financial & impact report

The investment cycle normally takes 2-5 years

Active management of the investment



RE Equity Partners AB is a real asset investor and capital partner which provides project owners with the required equity needed to undertake outstanding projects.


Through an extensive research and analysis and a well developed network we source the best small and mid-size projects that are available on the market.  We normally look at +300 projects a year and only commit to 5-20.


RE Equity Partners optimizes performance by establishing strong relationship with technical and financial partners within its key focus sectors and geographies.

RE Equity Partners AB is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden but has team and partners spread out across major financial hubs globally which gives us the flexibility to move fast on deals within our focus areas. 


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